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Consider Five Birch your resource for shaking off doubt, becoming unstuck, developing confidence and reinvigorating your life’s purpose. No snake oil, no gurus, no false promises, just results.

"It’s a place for women to get a compassionate, well-informed kick in the pants so that they can start living the life they envision for themselves, whether that means improving the personal, professional, political or all of the above," says Lisa Hagerty, founder and advisor. Lisa's own varied life experiences bring a unique perspective and a direct delivery style, coupled with a dash of both humor and humility, that has proven to be very effective for the women she has counseled.

Many women, including those whose lives look enviable from the outside, have difficulty prioritizing their own path or even recognizing their own value. Five Birch strategies provide the tools and support necessary to define, to redefine and ultimately to support women in realizing their goals and their aspirations — at any age and at any time. By building clarity around personal values and ambitions, decision-making becomes effortless, your voice becomes stronger and your soul, more content — no matter what else is going on around you. 



With a highly intuitive aptitude for understanding people's unique fears and motivations, Lisa has the ability to guide people toward recognizing their core values, their passions, their untapped strength and resilience, and to form mission, purpose and joy around those discoveries.

It’s never too late to live the life you want to lead. A Five Birch tune-up can get you started today.







Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition




Drawing from the principles introduced in "The Three Big Questions" by Dave Phillips, we will work together to build your personal resource guide and determine your unique value proposition.

We will address the three following questions: 1. What is you life’s purpose? 2. What is your life mission? 3. How do you envision your ideal life going forward? And we’ll use the following exercises to inventory the full array of your unique life assets to date:

  • Your assets
  • Your abilities
  • Your passions
  • Your personality traits
  • Your roles and responsibilities
  • Your life experiences; personal, professional and other
  • Your educational path
  • Your network
  • Your self assessment of physical and emotional wellness 

Within these assets, relationships and experiences, lies the story of your life to date. The next chapters are yours to create. It’s never too late to live the life you want to lead, and this thorough two-hour exploration will be the first step in revealing the path forward.

This exercise is ideal for women of all ages and stages of life, especially those who are looking to reenter the workforce, make a midlife career change or prepare for life after children or divorce.  

Upon completion, we will have created a Five Birch journal that documents the personal assets accumulated within your life to date together with the articulation of your purpose, your mission and your vision for a life well lived.  It also comes with a 30 minute follow up call within 30 days of completion and the ability to schedule weekly or monthly accountability sessions.

Sessions may be scheduled in person or via skype.








The Strategic Plan for
You, Inc.




In this exclusive collection of Five Birch modules, we’ll create a powerful strategic plan for You, Inc., whether you’re working for family, for self or for outside organizations.

Through five collaborative one-hour sessions, we’ll identify your non-negotiable core values, a mission statement based on these core values and a short-, medium- and long-term strategic plan to help you chart your course, change your course or develop a metric for measuring your progress on your current life course. During each session, we’ll identify and discuss what you’re good at, what you love to do, like to do, hate to do and have to do. We'll investigate your current roles and responsibilities, looking at how they may be shifting naturally to create new space or how you might cause them to shift in order to create that new space. We’ll assess your core strengths using the principles of positive psychology which will help you to identify not just when you’re "in the zone," but why you’re in the zone and how you might achieve that state of being more often.

It’s never too late to live the life you want to lead, and armed with the results of this deep, intensive exploration, you'll have illuminated a path forward and a toolkit to help achieve your goals.

This series is idea for women of all ages and stages of life, especially during or after one of life’s many major transitions, including divorce, death of spouse or approaching empty nest.

Upon completion, we will have created a Five Birch portfolio documenting all the work we’ve done together, which can be used as your guide to the next chapter of your life.  This capsule comes with a 30 - minute phone session within 30 days of completion and the ability to schedule weekly or monthly strategy and accountability sessions.

Sessions may be scheduled in person or via skype.









Lisa was the sixth child of seven and the youngest of five girls. Her mother was the strong voice and her father was the gentle provider; a very stable team.  Her many female role models allowed her to believe that she could achieve whatever she set her mind to, “and the more time went by, the more I realized what a gift that was,” she says.  “It was the strength that came from my early female posse that has inspired me to support others, and especially women, on the path to recognizing their internal strength and to feel empowered to take the controls and craft their own life story." 

After earning two degrees from Harvard, Lisa climbed the ranks of New York City's financial services sector. While life was great on many fronts — she had a job she enjoyed, two wonderful kids, and homes in New York City, Cape Cod and Stowe, Vermont — she felt compelled to refashion her life more in accordance with her personal values that simply weren't being fulfilled. She made the pivotal choice to leave a 15-year marriage and move to the beautiful, rural environment of Stowe, where she could raise her children free of distraction.

"It's so important to have clarity and to be fully in touch with yourself — your values, your mission and your non-negotiables. When you're not living in sync with your values, or if one of your core roles is out of step — whether it's your marriage, your job or a neglected passion project — your whole life can feel out of balance," Lisa explains. "Clarity enables you to make choices and take action, informed by a firm grasp of who you are and what your purpose is."

Lisa believes that our true power resides in making hard choices, especially when everything around you seems fine, if a bit unfulfilling. "Choices feel hard because there is inherent conflict at every decision point. However, much of life's frustrations come from not making choices and simply remaining in limbo."

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In the years following her move to Vermont, Lisa lost her mother and two older sisters to cancer. As she says, she's "walked in many shoes," as life is unavoidably filled with challenge, suffering and hardship, as well as joy, adventure and love. But it was enduring this particular stretch of life that revealed the depth of her resilience and the belief that most of us have that resilience within us.

During this time, she launched two businesses, mentored countless women of all ages and stages of life, ran for public office, and served on several boards as well as on local, state and national political campaigns.

While she continues to evolve, learn, mourn and celebrate, she is deeply committed to helping others find their path, recognize their value and be prepared to not just weather the storm, but thrive, when life throws the curve balls that inevitably come our way.

"Challenges do not have to paralyze us, because they are simply a part of the human existence. We need to learn how to navigate life without getting derailed by life," she explains.  And she has surely walked that walk. 



I would love to hear from you.

Cheers to the next chapter.